Gordon Heffler - Biography

Gordon Heffler
Gordon Heffler(above)

Born in Halifax and, in his sixties, Gordon Heffler has had an interest in radio since age 9 and started his own "neighborhood" radio station by age 12.

After a career in computer servicing and then, again, at CHUM Radio as an engineer, Gordon, now retired, loves to share his vast home music library through his Look For A Star program.

Now in its firth season of being on the air here at Westbank Community Radio, Look for a Star Radio Show, featuring a genre, a theme, an era or an artist, can be heard every Saturday, on 95.1 WDCR Community Radio from 12 noon to 2:00 pm Pacific time.

Also, streaming live at www.wdcr.ca.

To check out Gordon Heffler's personal website, try here.